Advancing Microbiome Research: Insights from the 4th Polepharma Microbiomics Days

Published: Nov 23, 2023 by FME Lab

The 4th edition of the Polepharma Microbiomics Days, presided over by Professor Pierre Dechelotte, Head of Nutrition at CHU de Rouen Normandie and part of the Inserm – University of Rouen Normandie Unit, recently concluded at the Kindarena in Rouen.

This prestigious event brought together nearly 100 stakeholders and decision-makers from the pharmaceutical industry to discuss the therapeutic potential of the microbiome. The event was structured around the theme of translational research and the applications of microbiota science, featuring a range of activities including keynotes, experience sharing, discussions, and a cocktail dinner evening.

A key session of the event, titled “The Evolution of Modeling and New Opportunities” featured an insightful presentation1 by Julien on the ecological modeling of the microbiome using extensive data sets2. His talk highlighted how large-scale data analysis can guide the development of personalized therapeutic and nutritional strategies, a significant step forward in microbial ecology.Following the session, there was a vibrant follow-up discussion with the audience, further delving into the nuances of ecological modeling and its implications for the future of healthcare.

Slides from Julien’s conference are available here:

  1. Julien Tap. Branches and ecological states of the gut microbiome: Mapping for future personalized nutritional and therapeutic interventions. Journées Polepharma de Microbiomique, Polepharma, Nov 2023, Rouen, France. hal-04316201 

  2. Julien Tap, Franck Lejzerowicz, Aurélie Cotillard, Matthieu Pichaud, Daniel Mcdonald, et al.. Global branches and local states of the human gut microbiome define associations with environmental and intrinsic factors. Nature Communications, 2023, 14 (1), pp. 3310. 10.1038/s41467-023-38558-7 hal-04159501 


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