Workshop for Domino living-labs

Published: Dec 4, 2023 by FME Lab

A workshop for #DominoEU living-labs (LL) was held at the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam (VU Amsterdam) on thursday 30th of november and friday 1st of December.

During the workshop, the first steps of LL implementation were planned and the future LL coordinators within the project followed an intensive training and learned how to facilitate a focus group discussion. Pim Klaassen, Anne van der Geest and Camilla Bodewes managed to organised this very intensive but lovely moment between #DominoEU scientists from different scientific backgrounds. I would like to express a great thank you to our hosts and excellent skilled teachers. This was also the opportunity for young PhD students within the project to be trained on RRI (Responsible Research & Innovation) practices. The workshop diner at Caf√© de Vrijdag was also lovely ! ūüĎć

Now #DominoEU Living-labs on plant-based fermented foods and their role in human health and food systems sustainability are really on the move in several corners of Europe. A great challenge lies in front of us but a lots of opportunity for clustering in the frame of #Microbes4SustainableFoods and Food2030 Networks priorities.

A specific encouragement to the very serious students : Lucia Espinosa, Marie Christine Champomier Vergès, Ilario Ferrocino, René Geiß, Christelle Humblot, Jekaterina Kazantseva, John Kenny, Tanja Kostic, Rain Kuldjärv, Abelardo Margolles, Sinead McCarthy, Bastien Renard, Pedro Riesco, Corina Veron Chavanne and Gaia Vanzetti.


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